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Eagle Bone

One of the first VR pieces ever created by a Native American filmmaker, Eagle Bone (CH’AAK’ S’AAGI) is a collective step in a new direction of visual storytelling rooted in being unapologetically Indigenous. Through freestyle spoken word and lush Pacific Northwest scenes, we enter into a VR journey of remembrance and reflection on the lessons of the old ones. Teachings that remind us that we are all individual vessels of spirit and change yet inextricably connected.

5 min / Oklahoma Premiere
Director: Tracy Rector

Director Bio: Tracy Rector is an award-winning filmmaker, indigenous activist, and youth mentor living in Seattle. She is the director and founder of Longhouse Media and youth program Native Lens, organizations that teach indigenous people and communities to use media as a tool for self-expression, cultural preservation, and social change.

Most recently, she collaborated with VR company Mechanical Dreams to create Ch’aak’ S’aagi (Eagle Bone), a poetic cinematic 360-degree experience that takes the viewer on a journey across indigenous land through spoken word and lush, Pacific Northwest scenery. Ch’aak’ S’aagi (Eagle Bone), premiered 
Friday, June 9

11:00am CDT

Saturday, June 10

11:00am CDT

Sunday, June 11

11:00am CDT