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A short virtual reality film about presence, experienced through the eyes of a ghost. She floats in the places she used to be, invisible except for the moments where someone looks straight at her (you), as if they can feel her presence. She dwells in her memories, watching her past-self try to live in the present. Now she just wants to be there with the people she loved, hoping they’ll look towards her for a moment.


8 min / Oklahoma Premiere
Director: Lilian Mehrel

Director Bio: Lilian Mehrel creates film & tv, illustrated books, and virtual reality. She is a writer/director with a fresh sense of humor and vision.

Her films have premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and won her awards from Tribeca All Access, ABC/Disney, Sony Pictures Classics / Marcie Bloom Fellowship, Alfred P. Sloan, the Science & Entertainment Exchange, NYU Tisch, the Puffin Foundation, the Nancy Malone Directing Award, New York Women in Film & TV, and student award nominations for Kodak, the National Board Review, and BAFTA.
Friday, June 9

11:00am CDT

Saturday, June 10

11:00am CDT

Sunday, June 11

11:00am CDT