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In the near future, a cataclysmic event changes everything. Women are dying rapidly due to a biological attack, causing the government to suspend habeas corpus. Men have been locked away with any connection to the events no matter their age, their well-being, or whether they’re innocent. And in the middle is Tess, a female survivor who's role in this new world is much more sinister and tragic - to extract information from these detainees at any cost, using both her maternal and feral instincts to gain a larger picture of how the world fell to ruin. Ultimately, Tess must decide whether to continue her tortured life as a government spy or fight back for the love that's kept her alive.

23 min/CA

Director: Blake Salzman
Writer: Blake Salzman
Producers: Blake Salzman, Jona Ward, Anthony Estrada
Cast: Jules Willcox