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Whitman Thaw (Judd Nelson) has lived alone for a very long time. One day, he meets a young thief named Kreep (Lymari Nadal) hiding on his West Texas farm. Kreep confesses to have stolen a duffel bag full of money and convinces Whit to escort her safely to the Mexico border in exchange for half of the cash. 

Always a close step behind the two is a ruthless, jilted killer Grady (Charles Baker), tracking Kreep and the stolen bag of money. From hitmen to corrupt police officers, everyone is after Kreep, leading up to a shootout in the middle of the Texas desert.

76 min / OK, TX / Special Screening

Director: Brett Bentman
Writer: Brett Bentman
Producers: Mollie Milligan, Lymari Nadal, Chris Freihofer, Brian Fabian
Cast: Judd Nelson, Lymari Nadal, Charles Baker, Mollie Milligan, Steven Michael Quesada

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